Good translation keeps the intent and context of the original words - between language and people.

Frissítve - updated: 01.10.2018.

Our company was established in 1993 with several fields of activity. 

During the years of operation, translation became the major specialization. We work with a subcontractor team consisting of reliable specialized translators who are well-known by us. The work is performed by this team. We have more than twenty years of experience in the sphere of work organization.

The quality of the translations performed by our agency is being examined continuously. The works are managed in accordance with the requirements of secrecy. 

Since our activity is not related to a place but an excellent work-team and skilled professionals, we try to serve our Clients through the Internet as well. The opening hours of the agency are also in accordance with this aim.

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Pestiné Paics Marianna
PESTIFOR managing director